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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Newest Release: Infinite Possibilities Box Set!!!

Infinite Possibilities

Raven's Seduction Press & Nevermore Press bring you tales of epic proportions across all genres! The stories range from PG to HOT in two box set compilations. Infinite Possibilities and Infinite Possibilities Seduction available for a limited time at $.99! 

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Infinite Possibilities includes:

RemEMBERing Everything by Christy Cagle
Rise of the Phoenix by Erin Danzer
The Clockwork Countenance by AR DeClerck
Ember's Purpose by Meri Martin
Once a Theif by DJ Shaw


Infinite Possibilities Seduction includes:

Deceptive Lover by Dawn White
The Lion's Den by Paige Matthews
Passionate Betrayal by Erin Maxwell
Clandestine Affiars by Stacey Floersheim
Obsidian Born by Rachel A Olson
The Shifting of Ember by Lisa Logue
Destined Death by Katie Jackson


The Shifting of Ember

Ember can't remember a thing aside from her name. When Orin finally finds her, he nurses her back to health, finding she's more than he can handle. He tells Ember of their shifter origin and she's forced to leave Orin behind to find her family. She's welcomed with open arms and misleading intentions that are apparent from the start. Ember's fight for the truth threatens everything as she begins to unfold who she is and the terrible events that brought her near death.

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