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Saturday, August 29, 2015

It begins again!

As many of you may know, Cursed Secrets was my debut novel back in 2008. I released it under's fledgling publishing platform and quickly because a best seller. Fast forward a few years and books later, and now the series is being re-released under a new publisher complete with updated editing and proofing. This means the story is presented with the same wrapper, but the creamy filling is a completely different flavor!

I'm excited about this revamping as it means the series will be served some justice with professional editing that I wasn't privy to upon the original release. I am proud to be working with the wonderful folks at Raven's Seduction Press/Nevermore Press and the authors they've brought on board. Truly amazing group! 

So...since the journey is beginning again, I am asking if anyone has a blog or blog page who wouldn't mind reviewing, allowing me to take over, or simply posting some promos for me for a few days? You are welcome to a free copy of Cursed Secrets for review should you agree to host me for a while. I will be forever grateful and attribute any success to your generosity. Thank you in advance!

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