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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Here's the deets...

So a few months ago I posted about what was coming up in 2015 and since, a few things have happened that I didn't expect. Here's the deets...

  • Legacy of Secrets was optioned for a three year publishing contract through Raven's Seduction Press
  • The Romantic Suspense novel was named Falling Undercover and became one of my most anticipated releases of this year
  • Falling Undercover was shouldered while I worked on an author compilation through my publisher (see next bullet)
  • I have a new title available for preorder with a handful of other authors from Raven's Seduction Press & Nevermore Press
  • Legacy of Secrets may be expanding
  • Chasers looks to be side-lined while some of these other projects are in the works
  • My Facebook Fanpage is now VERIFIED!! (I'm officially a celebrity :P)

If you aren't already part of my Fangroup, head on over and jump in the conversation! Also, I have been building a street team this year and if you'd like to help a sista out, let me know! I have a journal I've been using to write some of my more obscure thoughts, not so much news. 

There you have it...all of what's been going on. Be sure to keep up with me. My social media scrolls on the side. Until next time!!


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