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Sunday, April 6, 2014

How do you know it's time to stop?

I've been struggling this year to come up with something...anything. Each time I think I might be able to sit down and write, I can't seem to keep my own attention long enough to get anything done. I have no idea what's wrong with me, but is this a sign that I just need to stop writing?

Of course my heart screams at the thought, but what else am I to do? I know I'm not a great writer. Good writer, maybe. Perhaps I am just at a turning point with this whole endeavor. Maybe the spark has left me for the time being. Whatever it is, I just want it to go away and let me dive back into my fantasies and whimsical worlds that exist inside my head. 

I don't think this is writer's block. If it were truly writer's block, I wouldn't have any ideas swirling inside my mind; waiting to be released. No, this is something else. The last book I wrote was good. I don't mean good by only my own thoughts, I mean good from those who've read it and flooded my inbox with "OMG" emails and "I want more!!" comments. I have inevitably set myself up for failure!

How can I make the next book better than the last? How can I keep the story going for two more novels, knowing exactly how I want it to end, and not have the books drag on forever and hold absolutely zero interest from my readers? How?!

I am stuck...plain and simple. I have no good answers for these questions. Instead, I've been staring at the same boring words I've written for a story that is supposed to be exciting and suspenseful. Love, war, betrayal, redemption and duty molded together and topped with a pretty little bow. How the hell am I supposed to make it all happen and not feel like every word is complete and utter crap-ola?

Any suggestions?



  1. It has been said that the better writers are the ones who think their stuff is no good while their readers rave about their stories.

    It sound to me as if you are afraid of failing. But if you do not write your stories down - you don't have to share - you are cutting off a piece of your talent.

    A friend of mine, years ago, was an excellent singer, who wanted to do more than she was doing in her milieu which was the church. In church she was top billing but she craved more and sought it, and while locally she was well received she did not see what she wanted opening up. She quit singing entirely, a the local clubs and at church.

    She said she needed a hiatus but had told her closest friend if she could have what she wanted she was not even going to sing in church.

    After five or six months she decided to come back to choir only to find she no longer was able to sing. She had to go for voice lessons, something she had not needed to have in the past as her voice was naturally beautiful. She came back after another three months.

    The moral here I think is don't give up your passion as long as your notes are resonating in your heart. Call it writing, call it practice, call it what you want but don't take a talent and push it aside in fear of not being good enough. No one starts out running. There is a development period and getting scared when you are being pursued by the more and more fans, afraid you will fail and they too will tumble is another hill you are going up, but you will reach the summit. Just keep honing your tools.

  2. I appreciate you kindness, Paula. Fact is, I'm not sure if there are "more and more fans" because I've not sold many books over the last year. That might be a part of why I'm "stuck". There hasn't been much motivation or encouragement from outside my own head.

    Thank you, love

    1. I've got your books but have not read them, yet. I've had my Kindle for just over two years but it was only about six weeks ago that I got it up and running. Found out it was my router. I been reading at night and am going through the stories at a good clip. As soon as I get one of them done, I would request an impromptu interview with you, if you would be up to it. If nothing else for right now, please keep writing and don't worry about your audience. Don't lose your voices, get their stories down. I'll be in touch soon.

    2. Thanks again, Paula. You are always kind and thoughtful. There's no rush in reading any of my books. I know they aren't perfect and definitely need more editing and fine-tuning, but they are mine nonetheless. You know where to find me, love!

  3. It isn't about writer's block, you are right. If you are still having ideas floating around and your heart is screaming, don't stop, then it is simply lack of confidence.

    Why do any of us write? For years, raising five kids, I didn't have a moment to think, yet here or there I would get flashes of chapters of stories. I wrote the down. On anything I could get my hands on and put them into a box. I'm still using things out of that box.

    Just write. Write for yourself, no one else. You have worried yourself into a stand still. We write because we love to write. Do it. The rest will work itself out.

    1. Thank you, Robynn. As I said, there hasn't been much activity with sales or marketing so it's the mentality of who would really notice if I wasn't writing anymore? Is it worth all of the trouble worrying about publishing and keeping up with the tide if people don't really know who I am?? These are the thoughts swirling around in my head.


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