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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!!!

Independence Day....

To some, it's just another day to have a barbeque, watch fireworks, get stupid drunk and have an all out blast. I'm not against any of this, but for me it means more. What exactly are we celebrating? Well, America's independence and the signing of our Constitution and so on. But we should also be thanking those who've laid down their lives to help us uphold that independence. 

Many of my friends and family are a part of our country's military. Every chance I get, I thank them for keeping me and my children safe. Truly, they should be thanked every day for their sacrifices. Some of my closest friends are wounded veterans, losing limbs while in the war. Despite their struggle, they've adapted (as expected) to their new lives and I envy them for that. 

So while you eat, drink and be merry, remember that none of those things would be possible if it weren't for our past, present and future veterans. Sure, our independence began with the Constitution, but they are the ones to make sure it doesn't end without a fight. Thank a vet, have a drink for those who've perished, and never forget what true patriotism is. 

Be safe, have fun and light a few sparklers for me! :)

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