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Thursday, May 30, 2013

More nonsensical ramblings

So it's 11pm and I should be in bed, but I've decided to get some last minute work in. Truthfully, I should have done all of this hours ago, but I was watching The Hobbit with the hunny and kids. Who can work while one of the best movies of the last year is playing next to their head? Anyway, I'm kinda excited about the serial project I have been working on. Initially, I was only going to post it in one spot, but I figured it would be better to post in numerous places for the added exposure. I also wish I knew a really good artist who could draw sketches for me, but I'm not so lucky. 

The serial is a mix between Supernatural (the show on CW that I <3 oh so much) and maybe the X-Files. There is A LOT to this story that I don't even know yet, but I'm willing to show you all a little sneak peek. Follow the jump for the opening to Chasers!

As a child, you might have been afraid of the dark. It might have stemmed from that weird creepy-crawly feeling skidding over your skin while you sat in a room alone. Or it could have been from seeing what looked like shadows dance across the walls and ceiling, filling your chest with a suffocating feeling of fear. Your parents would come in and check all of the normal places- under the bed or in the closet- just to prove that nothing was there. You believed them and felt a little better, but you still felt that icky tingle on the back of your neck.
For the most part, your parents were right. There wasn't anything under the bed or in the closet and they couldn't see anything lurking around when they flipped on the light. Sometimes you would even wave off the fear as childish and, eventually, you'd forget why you were afraid in the first place. All would be well and you'd snuggle under your covers and drift off to sleep.  
The truth isn't quite as easy to forget. Some of those children, and maybe even you, were lucky enough to be afraid of the dark for a short time, only to realize there really wasn't anything there. But there were some who weren't so lucky. The darkness wasn't as innocent and the sickening feeling of dread never left them. No, the truth is much more than a childhood fear. The truth is that there are things lurking, watching and waiting. Those things feed off of the fear of their victims and they have been waiting for the right time to attack. If they catch your scent, they won't stop until they've consumed your soul.
The most heinous of soul-eaters are Shades. They look like shadows and naturally shy away from the light. Shades are drawn to places of great despair or to broken souls, but it is not unheard of for them to attach to a structure or person for a long time, even after death or demolition. Where darkness is the blackest, Shades are lurking.
Other ghost-like creatures dwell among the Shades, picking off the souls left untouched. Rogues, Apparitions, Demons, and countless others flood anywhere the Shades have yet to go, waiting for their chance. For centuries, the beings of darkness threatened the lives of all humans and non-humans alike. The night was full of terror and no one went to bed without at least a lantern by their heads.
From this terror, warriors emerged. They were the bringers of light, wielding weapons made to purify darkness and repel the evil it left behind. The warriors had many names over time, but they preferred to be called Chasers. That was their job- to chase away the darkness. Centuries evolved Chasers into something else entirely. Not only are they the bringers of light, they are the children of angels set to live among the humans to protect them from the evils they don’t even see. They’re the only hope humanity has left in the war against evil.

© 2013 Lisa Logue

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