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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Haircuts, rubber snakes and sparkly shoes!

It's been a rather uneventful weekend, but that hasn't necessarily been a bad thing. My boys and I had a few things to get done today, so we first set off to buy new sneakers for school. It's funny how those little foot measuring things are completely off. With both boys the size was almost two smaller than what they actually needed. I finally got them situated when I spotted these beauties:

LOVE! I wanted to buy them so badly, but I had to refrain from this impulse buy. Being a one income household means I have to buy what my boys need before I can get what I want. Plus, I'd have to buy a new outfit go match these and this week's bill aren't all paid yet! It's a shame, too. They looked really good on me! :(

Sighing heavily, we left the shoe store and headed to the Great Clips. The boys got their hair cut and some lollipops and as a reward for their good behavior, we then went to the dollar store for some prizes. Now I don't know where you all shop, but there's a retail chain called Dollar Tree here and everything in the store is literally $1.00. It's a great place to get things for the kids to do without breaking the bank.

So, we picked up a take-a-long chalk board, rubber snakes, slinky-eye glasses, pirate garb, knight's bracers, Jack O' Lantern cups with straws and left happy. The best part was that I didn't spend a lot on the toys and they've got a variety to keep them occupied. All in all, shopping trips/errands were a success.

Anyway, I have some more writing to do before homework (yipee o.O) so it will be a nice busy evening for me. I say that as if every evening isn't busy! Stay tuned on Wednesday for another guest author as the blog tour continues. After the tour is over (9/30), I'll be posting an extra special blog (or two) with some pretty big announcements and some goodies. Tune in to Facebook and Twitter for updates and sneak peeks. I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Ta-ta for now!!

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