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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whew...what a day!

I can hardly contain my excitement! Recently, I've become a member of Angie's Diary, an online writing magazine, and some of my work has been featured here. I've been working closely with Indie Author Network, IAN, and we're going to be rolling out some great features shortly. Yay! It's incredibly awesome to be moving forward on more avenues!

Also, I've been in contact with a local bookseller and they're considering carrying my novel! On top of that, they are very interested in holding book signings and other events since I'm a local author. Cool, right?! It figures that instead of taking time off I'd be working in a different fashion. My boyfriend probably hates me for it -.-.

I'm also a part of a wonderful group on the site BookRix. It's called Reviews & Critiques and our aim is to offer those who normally don't get an opportunity for their books to be read a chance to get much needed feedback. We'll review short stories, poems, novels and just about anything else you can think of across all genres. Your reviews will be posted wherever you ask both on and off site. It is a small group, as we are new, but we're more than willing to read your stories! BookRix is a free site, so if you don't mind sharing works with the community, we're here for you! Simply click the link below and you will be directed to our wonderful little spot!

Look forward to seeing you there!!!

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