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Friday, December 7, 2012

One year later...

So I talk a lot about what I'm doing in the writing area and some little things, here or there, about myself and the family, but I never really discuss where I am now compared to a year ago when I started this blog. The day to day doesn't seem to change, but looking back it seems like a completely different time and place. 

Where am I now?

    Since last year, I have published three books and I'm currently working on the forth. I was petrified to publish my first novel and had no idea what to expect. Honestly, I owe much of my success to BookRix early on. I could have never made as much of an impact had it not been for them. I have plans on publishing with them again in the future and I'd recommend their services to anyone just starting out. There are a ton of wonderful people there to learn from and room to grow as a writer.
    My current books are published only with Amazon, but I'm branching out from that program very soon. The first two books will be available on Barnes & Noble around the Spring of 2013. I'm excited for them to be available there and I hope it will broaden the spectrum for some of those who've wanted to read the books but are not on Amazon. It's all about giving the public what they want and I strive to keep my fans happy however I can. 
    There will be two more installments of "Legacy of Secrets". Fiery Secrets is book three and Shattered Secrets is book four. I am debating on another novella in between. Really, that depends on what the characters have to say! After Shattered Secrets, I will plan to release my first Sci-Fi novel (more about that coming soon!). So many exciting things!
    I am also a co-admin of Indie Author Network. We strive to bring good books and information to readers and writers alike. Currently, we're working on a line-up for next year's Author Spotlight. We'll feature some of the biggest names out there right now and some lesser known, but equally talented indies. One of the most important things to remember is that everyone starts out as an indie, even if they don't remain one for long. Writing isn't an overnight deal. It takes years to hone your skill and become something greater than you were. All of us are learning and evolving, no matter if we're traditionally published or otherwise. Ultimately, I don't care which books you read as long as you promote reading and literacy! 
    Lastly, I am perfectly happy being indie for the time being. I don't have plans on submitting anything to a publisher or seeking an agent because I enjoy this little piece of the pie. Sure, I'd love the bank roll that comes with a publishing contract, but unless I am approached with a phenomenal offer, indie is the way for me. So much of my heart goes into my work, I don't want to take away from that this early in the game. Not to mention, I'd rather not have to endure the agonizing process of hurry up and wait when it comes to submitting anything to a publisher. We'll see, though. Maybe I'll continue to be smiled upon by whichever God(s) and be able to further my dream and, by extension, my journey. 


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