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The Beginning

   In first grade I wrote a completely fictitional story about a man who beat his wife and the grief that the family was in because of the situation. My teacher decided that she would meet with my mother to decide whether or not what I wrote was based in truth. I'd never even seen someone beaten, nevertheless a clue about abusive relationships. I just had a good imagination. I've been able to immerse myself into books and fully embrace the characters and how they feel. Their emotions runs so deep within me that I feel as if I am nothing more than an extension of them, only three dimentional. Characters come alive on the page and I laugh when they laugh, cry when they cry, love when they love. Hopelessly longing for that fantasy world to never end.
   I wrote poetry for years, even published some, in which I was recognized by teachers for my prose. I was often chosen to read my works during memorials and gatherings to showcase the talents the school held. I enjoyed every second of sharing my thoughts and words with others. My whole life I've considered myself a writer, but I didn't know how to compose stories as some of my favorite authors had. I've been great at explaining my own thoughts and feelings, but how could I explain someone else's? Then I realized that I wouldn't have to write about someone else, technically. I could create a fictitious character that was similar to myself and write about how I would react or what I would say in certain situations. I could finally be a part of a story as more than just an outsider. 
   I decided one day to give it a shot. Only I wanted to make everything feel as real as possible for others who may not be able to fall so desperately into a work of fiction as I do. I wanted the conversations to be as real people would talk to one another and how events usually unfold in real life. I didn't want people to magically fall in love because of some weird curse or bond that lasted for eternity. I wanted it to feel as real as possible, but still have enough fantasy mixed in to keep people entertained. I wanted life, but with some pizzazz.
   About a year ago I started working on my novel. It still has no name and is in pieces, but I'm getting closer to finishing it. There are so many aspects of the story that resemble something in my own life and I can't publish it until it's absolutely perfect. Only one other person has read my story and while I think sometimes she's a bit biased to my writing, it helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of. I know where I want to go, I know where the characters are headed, but sometimes the words don't come as easily since I'm writing for others instead of myself.
   That's where the questions lie: What do others like to read? What type of readers am I trying to attract? Do other people prefer "real world" type characters or do they want a completely fictitious type? How in the world will I ever know?? Daily these questions race through my mind as I try to find my niche in completing my novel. However, not being able to really answer these questions stops me time and time again because few people actually describe what they like in a book versus about a book. So where does that leave me?  
   I continue writing. I constantly have to remind myself that once I finish I can ask the more important questions and fix things when necessary. I don't want too many people to read it since I'd like to publish and get paid for my work, but I think that I may have to release a chapter or two for feedback. I want to know whether people would even read it. Will they react the same as I do? Will they lose themselves in the characters and beg for what happens next? One can only hope to be so lucky.
   As I progress in my journey to finish my novel and embark on other endeavors I will vent my joys and frustrations here. I will also periodically post blurbs that I would love for people to comment on. I am very open to constructive criticism and I don't shy away from advice. I love what I do, but most of all I want others to love it also. Help me entertain you and I will do my best to keep the good stuff coming.

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