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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Writing & Breaking Dawn: Part 2 in review....

So as I work on Soul Covenant, I'm finding myself immersed in a completely different time and place. The other books in the series have touched mostly on the present, with Fire & Ice delving into the past only momentarily. This one, however, exists almost entirely in the past. A necessary part of Austin's story is figuring out how things came to be; why he is in the position he's in. I've started painting a pretty interesting picture thus far, but I'm not quite ready to share it yet!

As soon as I have the cover for this one, I will be sharing with the world! I'm pretty excited about it, as I say about pretty much any of my stories, but this is so far out of my element it can only be epic. It's hard to explain the feeling when you know something you're working on is leaning toward greatness, but trust me when I say it's a high like no other. (I'm a nerd, I know).

On another note, the boyfriend and I went to see Breaking Dawn: Part 2 yesterday. I was a bit torn, mostly because the reviews were less than impressive. I know, though, that there are a lot of people that simply bash anything Twilight, which is fine. I enjoyed the books for the love story's sake, but the movies sort of ruined it for me. I have to say though, I actually really enjoyed the finale. The surprises were FANTASTIC and it was so much better than I thought it was going to be. I'm not a fan of the screenplay, which has been pretty consistent throughout, but it could have just been the way it was portrayed by the actors. 

Now, I'm not saying I dislike the actors in general, just the acting in these movies. I'm not a huge fan of Kristen Stewart, but she's still a young actress and will hopefully grow into a great one. Although her portrayal of Joan Jett in The Runaways was probably the most entertaining she's ever been (in my opinion). I did see her in Snow White and the Huntsman and wasn't really impressed. Robert Pattinson has grown TREMENDOUSLY since Twilight. I've seen him in Remember Me (which if you haven't seen it, you're crazy!) and Water for Elephants (another book-to-movie adaptation) and both were pretty damn good. I also saw Abduction, Taylor Lautner's flick, and thought he did well as an action-man. He, in my opinion, has a little more of a need to grow into his craft. But, I am not an actor so what do I know, right? And, before you ask, no I don't have a "crush" on any of the "men" in the Twilight movies. The books made my heart melt for the love Edward and Bella shared. The movies, not so much. Without it being believable, how can you really fall in love with the movie the same as the books? 

But I digress...I must head off to greet the rest of cyber-space! Thanks for reading my informal review. I think I'll begin posting movie and book reviews more often. After all, I can always talk about myself!!


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