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Monday, June 25, 2012

Excitement runneth over!

 I've got some big news! 

I've decided to release a second edition of Cursed Secrets to include some bonus material and a brand new cover! This has been in the works for a while, but just recently it was decided to go ahead with the project. Part of the reason is that as my first novel, there were obviously mistakes and things I need to fix along with the fact that I hadn't a clue where the story was going when I finished. Now that I know, it hardly seems fair to keep it to myself! :)

I'll be releasing Fire & Ice within the next few weeks on Amazon, then remaining platforms thereafter. There is a new cover and the prologue is available to read here. I've been working hard to bring you all the best possible experience with these characters and I think you'll be pleased :). While Fire & Ice isn't technically part of the series, the characters are the same and follows closely to the storyline. While some have been desperate to know what happens between Christian & Lia, I can't say for sure what you'll find in this installment.

Binding Secrets is still currently set for release in Fall/Winter of this year. This is tentative and may change depending on where the story takes me. You can't rush perfection and I surely don't want to try! I can tell you that there will be some surprises in this installment. Characters you thought were bad may end up good and so on. As it turns out, Lia isn't the only one that has secrets...(wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

So, I shall leave you with a little taste of Binding Secrets to pique your interest. Check my website often for updates on Legacy of Secrets and releases. Also, a great community called Indie Author Network has been kind enough to showcase my work. Feel free to pop over and give them a shout and look around at some cool stuff. There are plenty of authors and books to choose from, not just the Fantasy types!

'Till next time!....

Binding Secrets Teaser...

She looked so frail and broken in the dim light of the room and my heart sank. I’d never seen her sick my entire life and fought back the panic. I couldn’t take losing another person I loved, not to mention one of the people I owed my life to.
“Nana?” I asked timidly, secretly hoping she would be asleep.
“Hmm? Adalia? Oh dear, you picked a terrible time to come home. I’m sure your grandfather hasn’t cooked a thing for you,” she answered in a raspy voice, taking a breath before each word.
“Christian feeds me well. Don’t worry about me, Nana, let’s just concentrate on getting you better, okay?” I knelt beside the bed and rested my hand on hers. Her skin was clammy and cold, but I could sense the fever.
She smiled, “I will do my best” and the coughing began. Her tiny body wracked violently and I had to restrain the tears.
“Shh, shh, it’s okay. Would you like some water?” she nodded briefly and I dusted her with a misty rain. She sighed with relief and stretched to let the moisture sink in.
“You’ve always been special. Despite everything, God gifted us with an angel. You seem to understand everything now, don’t you?”
“I think so. I don’t care about any of that right now. You are more important. I will stay here until you’re better. Anything you need, Nana” she nodded and relaxed into the pillows. Her chest rattled like a purring cat’s and the terror inched closer to the surface.
I touched my head gently to hers and let the silent tears fall. My thoughts centered on the noise in her chest and the fever that failed to ebb. I wanted to know where it was coming from; how to fix it. Sudden warmth caught me by surprise and I struggled to see.
I focused my energy into her body and immediately I was sucked in. The weakening heart, clogged lungs, and immense heat took over my senses. I plunged deeper, looking for a clue. Whatever virus she had was strong and her cells just couldn’t fight it fast enough.
I could tell that something was very wrong from the way her cells reacted. It looked as if the infection was drawn in like a magnet. A sickly feeling spread over me and my heart started racing. I knew what this was, but I didn’t see how it was possible. There was nothing that I saw on the outside that would explain it. I retracted slowly so I didn’t shock her system and tried to mask the horror on my face as I descended the stairs.
“Lia, what is it? What’s wrong?” Christian asked before I reached the bottom.
“She’s infected” I muttered.

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