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Friday, April 27, 2012

Around the bend...

I'd like to thank those who wished me well over the last few days. I've been under the weather, battling some allergy irritations. Thanks for being patient as I intended to get this blog out at the beginning of the week. I'm still not better, but I'm well enough to pass along some good info!

The ebook giveaway is still going strong through tomorrow! Hurry and enter for a chance to win one of 10 signed copies. There will be probably one or two more chances to win a free copy over the summer.

I will still be holding the cover vote for Binding Secrets. I'm waiting on the samples to come back and then we'll begin! All info about the vote can be found on my Legacy of Secrets page.

Exciting news! I will be expanding LOS with novellas based on the characters from the main novels! Also exciting, I have plans on releasing the novellas for free! Crazy, right? I don't have many specifics for these yet, but I'm working with "my people" to bring you all some great reads! These will be significantly shorter than the novels, but won't skimp on the goods :p.

I will try my best to keep in contact with you all, but I may be scarce. There is some rearranging going on in my life as well as my books, so my schedule will be hectic. I promise to keep you all posted of any news and contests. 

I can always be reached on my Fanpage and Twitter as well as from My Website. I'll never hesitate to reply, whether you're a fan or aspiring author. Keep in touch!


Lisa Logue <3

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