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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One step closer...

     So I've been battling with the fact that in less than three months I will be a full on published author. After working on something for so long, it's almost painful to let it go for others to see. I know ultimately the whole purpose behind writing this novel was for distribution, but fear definitely gets the best of you when it's right around the corner. 

      Recently I finished editing the first draft and handed it off to a few people I trust. I'm hoping the feedback is good (crossing my fingers) and I can continue with the second round of editing. The same questions run through my head: What if people hate it? What if it sounds like a little kid wrote it? Is it too much in one story? Do I need to add more in this part for a better effect?. etc. It seems every time I think I'm done something else pops up! *sigh*
      Perhaps the biggest questions is HOW CAN I SELL A BOOK WITHOUT A TITLE???!!! It is true, after two years I haven't a clue what to call my story. So many themes come to mind it's almost impossible to pinpoint the correct one. Hopefully I can get some feedback on a title as well, but it seems the "needs" never end. After I figure out what to call the book I need to acquire some cover art. Where? Not a clue, but I need to have something that speaks to the main plot of the book. Decisions, decisions.
      However, I will be posting a sneak peak shortly (once I figure out which blurb to include) and I will also contain a link to where the book can be purchased. The beginning is always slow, but hopefully with a little help from my friends this process will become less scary!

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