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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


     So far I've managed one blurb for Cursed Secrets. You wouldn't believe how much easier it is to write an entire novel than a blurb! More teasers and captions to follow as we come closer to publishing. Please feel free to comment and share!

After witnessing her parents’ murder, Lia relives that horrible night in her dreams. Once a week, for ten years, she’s woken up by her own screams. Lately, however, the dream is surfacing more often leaving Lia confused and more closed off than ever. But that’s not the worst of her problems. A force within her was awakened that night, unleashing something so frightening she can’t bear to get close to anyone. The only way to keep everyone else safe is to stay as far away as possible.  

After rescuing Lia from an assault, Christian is more determined than ever to figure out what she is. The power coursing through her is unlike any he’s ever seen. Being her friend should be easy, but his urges keep getting in the way. Between his need for blood and the strange spark between them he can’t shake feeling that there’s more to her story. Deciphering her past uncovers secrets that shock him to his very core, forcing a choice that will mean her life or death.

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