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Monday, January 5, 2015

What's Up in 2015

The Year of Possibilities

We've all seen the posts over the last few days; everyone talking about their resolutions and 'new year, new me' proposals and so on . While I know there are things that need to change in my normal day-to-day life, this post is going to be about what my *fans* are going to see from me this year.

New Genres

Currently, I'm working on a Romantic Suspense novel that I plan to publish in the next six weeks or so. While I am very enthusiastic about finishing Legacy of Secrets, I need to spread my proverbial wings to see just where they may take me. I'm not usually a traditional romance fan, but I don't plan on writing something that will be particularly typical of a romance. A little white collar crime, steamy sex, lying hussies and so on. You know, typical stuff.

I also plan on working on a Sci-Fi novel that I'm incredibly excited about. It's a dystopian novel that takes a little bit of some of the more popular works and kind of meshes them together to make something completely new. I know that doesn't sound new, but trust me when I say this hasn't been attempted before (at least among the HUNDREDS of books I've read)! I'm totally stoked to tap into my inner Stephen King!

Legacy of Secrets 

As I said, Legacy of Secrets will be (hopefully) wrapped up this year. I had intended to finish the series this spring, but seeing as how as I was planning a wedding last year I was a bit sidetracked. The titles coming up are as follows:

Blood Promise: A Legacy of Secrets Novella
Shattered Secrets: Legacy of Secrets #4
Untitled Novella


If you follow me on Wattpad, you'd know that I have a serial story that I post on from time to time. It's more or less a writing exercise to make sure I don't get burnt out on writing the same ole same ole, but I do have an arc as to what's supposed to happen. I plan to write a lot more issues this year as, again, the wedding had me side tracked with much of my work last year. The next episode takes the guys another step into the little town near their compound where they start to realize what they're dealing with and face their limits. 

Etc, etc, etc...

What else will I be up do this year? Who knows! My main goal is to have enough goodies to keep all of you entertained for as long as I can, without driving myself into a stupor. Here's to a great year ahead! 


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