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Friday, November 14, 2014

News Release: Highly anticipated book release coming soon from Lisa Logue

November 14, 2014 Releasing this winter, Fiery Secrets: Legacy of Secrets #3 brings the Legacy of Secrets series another step closer to completion with this exciting new addition! Fiery Secrets begins with Lia’s struggle as a captive of the vile Trylle prince, Nolyn. Her main goal is to figure out his plan and find a way to save her friends and family, all while enduring terrible tortures and keeping the breadth of her abilities hidden. Nolyn’s true intentions take Lia by surprise and she will stop and nothing to end him and his reign.

Fiery Secrets sets a new tone by using the best elements of Young Adult novels with the fresh and more grown up New Adult genre. Just the right mixture of good versus evil and spicy romance keeps this novel at the forefront of its genre, begging to be read. Rated NC-17 for situations not suitable for children, Fiery Secrets and the preceding books in Legacy of Secrets are nothing short of satisfying for those who find Young Adult novels lacking.

Legacy of Secrets began with Cursed Secrets in 2010. The freshman titled opened the door for Lisa Logue’s paranormal romance series to be downloaded onto the Nooks, Kindles, iPads and Tablets around the world. With original monologues and relatable characters, this series blossoms in a genre made famous by titles such as Vampire Academy and Twilight. Lisa Logue continues this series with a projected eight books including novels and novellas.

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