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Friday, November 9, 2012

For the love of books...

Hello, lovelies! Today is Friday and I am oh so thankful for that! This week has been busy and I didn't sleep much, but I'm alive and kickin' and ready for the weekend! In case you missed it (and are living under a rock), Binding Secrets was released on Tuesday. My very good friend, and apparent fan, Rachel A. Olson left a wonderful review for me on Amazon. She read it in about two days and text me often to gush about the characters and happenings. I was flattered and excited that she enjoyed it and I can only hope anyone and everyone else reading it feels the same way. 

On another note, I will have the cover reveal for Fiery Secrets before Christmas. I'm flippin' excited!!! Char, my graphic designer, is amazing and always manages to pull through for me with mind-blowing designs. I couldn't have done these covers on my own. I <3 her!

My next book will be another novella, centered around the back story of our wonderful friend Austin. There is a rich past that needs to be explored. Love him or hate him, everyone has a story to tell. His is one of great pain, but a story nonetheless. I've already started on this one despite the promise to myself to take some time off. Apparently the story just cannot wait. I will be mixing it up a little in this one, so be sure to follow me for updates on it. I'm looking at a release date near Christmas for Soul Covenant and a summer release date for Fiery Secrets

There will be a swag pack giveaway soon, although it is not set in stone yet. Also, I've been thinking of creating a Legacy of Secrets store on Zazzle for folks to purchase swag whenever they want. If I have enough people interested, I will start production on those soon so there can be lots of gift appropriate items. Who doesn't like swag?

Well, folks, I'm off! I have work to do (apparently that's why I have a regular job) and lunch to be had with my hunny shortly. Have a marvelous weekend! xoxoxo

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