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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another day...another 500 words

It seems every time I sit down to write, something stops me dead in my tracks. Tonight, I had a lot of things to do for the kiddos so everything else took second place to that. One thing I pride myself on is that even if I'm busy, I'm still a mommy first and that's my most important job. Next is, of course, my regular job than my writing and school probably tie. But I digress.

A measly 500 words was all I managed to pump out thus far. I'm about to lay down and do some hand writing to see what I can come up with. The only bad part is I have about two weeks to finish this book and some parts that haven't been configured yet. Woohoo! I'm starting to sweat!

I'll be posting my progress throughout the process of finishing Binding Secrets in hopes that you all might share some of my enthusiasm. Check back tomorrow for something completely different. A DELETED SCENE!!! 

TTFN- Lisa <3

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