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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vacation Blues

After almost three years, I finally have a vacation from work! Woohoo! The problem is that I know I need to write and have barely scratched the surface of what needs to get done this week. As Binding Secrets is about 1/3 completed, there are so many more aspects that need to be written in order for this novel to progress. Yet instead of buckling down and typing my heart out, I'm staring at a blank screen.

My muse has also gone on vacation! How is it that I finally have almost 100% free time and still can't write? I guess such is life, though. Working under pressure is apparently my specialty. I am firm that I will do whatever necessary to get some serious writing completed this week. If that includes strapping myself to the chair and gluing my eyelids open, then so be it! Actually, I'm not one for cruel and unusual punishment so I'll more than likely take my tablet wherever I go to get the necessary scenes written. 

In the meantime, those of you who've read Cursed Secrets and Fire & Ice are wonderful! While my style of writing isn't to everyone's liking, I am grateful for the reviews I've received no matter the outcome. Being an author is both rewarding and intimidating. With the genres I write in being structured by some of the biggest novels of our time, it is nothing less of a struggle for my voice to be heard. I thank you all, again, and hope that you'll continue putting your faith in me. Rest assured, there will be many more books to come (hint, hint)!

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