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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wonderful People

    I truly believe that I am surrounded by wonderful people! So many of my friends and extended family have pulled through with this book and I couldn't have asked for more. I now have an awesome illustrator working on some sketches for cover art. I have a few more reviews of my manuscript's first edit rolling in. Currently I am working on the second edit to tighten up a few more sections and I've been in contact with my publisher about my current material.
     The only phrase that comes to mind is WOW! So much has happened in such a short period of time it's honestly both exciting and unnerving. So I've decided to include a bit of a bonus with this post. I am going to include an excerpt from Cursed Secrets.Please enjoy and comment and share with your friends! Thanks everyone for all you've done for me!

          “You’re a hard person to find” Dallas ducked from behind a tree, scaring me so bad I nearly jumped out of my skin.

          “What do you want?” I stood to put more space between us.

          “I just want to talk to you. Why do you keep running away from me?”

          “If you have to ask, then you don’t need to know” I started gathering my stuff and he rushed to stop me.

          “Please, just give me two minutes. Leslie is nowhere near here. Just hear me out” he pleaded.

          “Time’s ticking” I tucked behind another tree, hoping I was out of sight.

          “I never meant for this to happen. Like I said before I don’t even know why I told her. I’ve never said anything to anyone about what happened to you, but I can assure you that I wouldn’t have told her if I knew she would act this way. How much sucking up do I need to do for this?” he asked with a crooked smile. I wanted to punch him in the face.

          “Seriously? Is this a game to you? Of everything I’ve told you, I guess you didn’t understand that I have no one else to run to. There is nothing you could do to fix this. Why didn’t you just tell her the truth? Instead of telling her I cut you off you’re off telling her things that aren’t any of her business. This is more than just a disagreement, Dallas” I stared at him incredulously.

          “I know, I know, I’m sorry. Look, would it help if I talked to her? We could all just sit down and discuss this and maybe she’ll see that it’s not what she thinks” I laughed.

          “Right, because she’s so understanding. I don’t think so. You’re two minutes are up” I turned from behind the tree and found Leslie waiting with a menacing smile.

          “Oh, are we feeling chatty today? I know a few people who are like that” she said snidely.

          “Talk to him, he’s the one who scoured the campus looking for me. I think you’re blaming the wrong person, sweetie” I nodded in Dallas’ direction.

          “Oh I’ll take care of him later, but for some reason I don’t completely believe you. It must be because you’re such a damn good liar. How did you get away with it? Did you hire someone to kill your parents or did you just have enough time to clean up before the cops showed up?” I took several steps toward her not bothering to hold back the rage pounding inside.

          “You’re a bright girl, I assume, so I’m going to say this to you once. The next time you imply that I killed my family, I will show you just how fucking crazy I am. Dallas might not have the balls to shut you up, but I do. Watch your tongue, before you lose it” she backed up several paces and tried to look away. I could feel the fear radiating from her and, sadly, I enjoyed it.

          “What makes you think I’m afraid of you?” she stuttered.

          “Because the difference between me and you is that I know what you’re capable of, but you have no idea what I can do. Are we understood?” I hissed.

          “For now” she side-stepped to Dallas, who stared at me wide eyed.

          “Good. Oh and the next time you key my car, I will break your fingers. Have a nice day” I turned my back on both of them, the anger so raw I could barely stand it.


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